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While every project and client is unique, what doesn’t change is that our clients choose to work with Globe because we provide reliable and effective planning services, honest and well-researched advice, and experienced project management and mediation to keep things on track.

We’d prefer to be involved at the initial stages – after all, however great the design, if the scheme doesn’t have the right permissions it won’t go ahead. We understand the policy landscape, the political influences, technical considerations and the many other factors that go into the planning process and have a wealth of experience in navigating that process. We can advise our clients to make sure they take the right steps and commission the right reports, at the right time, and only if necessary.

In plain terms, getting a planning consultant involved at the beginning means we think about the things that need to be thought about to minimise delays and make the process as smooth as possible. We talk to the people that need to be consulted and get the information and opinions needed, as well as working closely with those designing and engineering our clients’ developments to make sure the planning requirements are thought about.

That said, plenty of our work involves us coming in later in the day – whether that’s stepping in to help with planning issues that have come up in pre-app, solving problems mid-application, or when a client wants to appeal a refusal of planning permission.

We make realistic and informed initial assessments and are open about the chances of success. If we think some initial feasibility work is required or there are key areas of investigation before deciding on a proposed scheme we will set out a fee proposal that reflects this.

We are a busy consultancy, but the number of experienced consultants in our team mean we can be flexible and responsive, so we can turn things around quickly and nip problems in the bud. Our team bring a variety of skills, experience and specialisms and we allocate the best person to deliver a specific piece of work each time, as well as  guaranteeing director oversight for every project, as the management team think it’s important that we stay up to date with all our work and are available to our clients if need be.

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