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Community Development

It is inevitable that development effects local communities, and it’s important that those impacts are understood, considered and managed properly. The Globe team can support community development in a number of ways.

Community Engagement Events & Strategies

Development proposals should seek to positively support their neighbourhoods, and demonstrate that those in the local community have been informed and consulted to an appropriate level. Clear, early engagement with the local community encourages constructive discussions and allows us to best understand the type and form of development a local community wants to see within their neighbourhood. The team have considerable experience in leading these types of community engagement events, for both the public and private sectors and across dense urban to sparse rural locations, seeking to ensure that the development proposed is appropriate and supported by the local community.

Consultation on Proposed Developments

Where consultation is needed to inform development proposals, we can work with clients to create a useful and proportionate consultation strategy that meets both your needs and the expectations of the planning authority. Globe leads consultations of varying types; be they online, postal, events in the community, with stakeholder groups such as parish councils or a blended approach. We can produce Statements of Community Involvement that demonstrate our client’s commitments to informing and engaging with the local community.

Public Sector Services

The team works regularly with local councils, using our knowledge and experience to review opportunities to maximise the benefit of their assets, whether that’s in their financial performance or contribution to their locality and community. Assets should be as beneficial as possible but can often be neglected and fail to deliver to their potential; Globe can make recommendations to unlock that potential and support councils by leading projects to provide practical and useful assessments that support local authorities in realising the potential of their assets.

Community Groups

We are also able to support community organisations who seek input on a wide range of projects, including appraisals, funding applications, project management and representation. Globe is also experienced in representing and providing training and advice to Parish Councils and community organisations with regards to their relationship with the planning system.

Advice on Planning Applications

If you are an individual or community group who has concerns regarding a development proposal within your local community, we are happy to review the proposed scheme and assess it upon its planning merits. Understanding what are, and what aren’t, material planning considerations is key to making effective representations. When we feel proposals fail to meet the necessary planning policy requirements, we will advise you of this and suggest how it is best for your representations to be made to the local planning authority.

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