Transport Planning

Globe offers a range of transport planning services, led by our experienced Principal Planning and Transport Consultant, Venezia Ross-Gilmore, who is a member of the Chartered Institute of Highways and Transportation alongside her status as a Chartered Town Planner.

Transport and highways considerations are often a key part of development proposals, and recent government policy and guidance means councils require more information than ever when assessing the impacts of development proposals.

We know that deliverable planning permissions and minimising costs are key for our clients and we approach every project with those aims in mind. From the outset, effective engagement with the local highways authority avoids unnecessary costs and our team can make sure council requests and requirements are understood at the start of a project.

Transport Statements

Increasingly developers are being asked to demonstrate the impacts of their schemes on the highway and transport network, how it has considered accessibility, sustainable transport and other modes of travel. This assessment is shown through a specific report known as a Transport Statement for all small to medium proposals. Larger developments will require a Transport Assessment which will look at the wider highway network beyond the immediate locality, assessing junction capacity, etc.  In such cases Globe will work with our network of expert colleagues to ensure that clients receive the service they require.

Globe can produce Transport Statements which evaluate the development site and the impacts of the proposed scheme.

Travel Plans

Travel Plans are a requirement for certain types and scales of development and delivery of such plans is typically mandated by planning conditions. Travel Plans consider and audit the transport impacts of a scheme and set out an action plan for delivering targets established by the plan which seek to reduce travel by private car, promote sustainable transport methods, and monitoring patterns and methods of travel. It is a live document which is monitored by the highways authority, and so it is important that its contents is deliverable over a sensible and reasonable period of time.

Employing Globe can often be a cost-effective way for clients to meet their obligations to prepare a Travel Plan. Producing plans without support can be a lengthy and complicated process, but we will work with you to ensure the content is deliverable and manageable, as well as meets the requirements set out by the council. There are different types of Travel Plans and we can advise you as to what you need, draft the plan’s content and actions, analyse and collate the supporting data, making the process as straightforward as possible.

Transport Planning Advice

We offer scoping and general advice services, such as challenging local authorities and making pragmatic suggestions, whether to overcome technical or policy objections at the planning application stage, or negotiating on our client’s behalf to ensure that conditions and requirements are reasonable.

There are a number of instances where a client might appoint us to deliver transport planning services. Globe often works with clients to deliver these reports when acting as their planning agent, but is able to provide Transport Statements, Travel Plans and transport planning advice as a stand-alone service to clients who require specific expertise or input as questions emerge.

Because we understand the planning process in such depth, we can focus on making sure your work meets the requirements of the planning process; because we understand development, we combine this with advice geared to our clients’ interests, avoiding unnecessary costs and ensuring deliverable planning permissions.