Globe’s Approach

We’d encourage anyone who thinks they may need planning advice or services to contact us, but there are probably some key questions you’d ask of any consultant you employ, which we’ve answered for you here.

Do I need a planning consultant?

That’s a question we can only answer based on your circumstances. We are always happy to have an initial conversation about your development ideas and where we can help.

Not everything needs a planning consultant, and we will certainly tell anyone who contacts us for advice if we think they should have initial discussions with a local planning authority themselves or recommend an architect if that’s the best approach.

How do I know I’ll get honest advice?

Our reputation and client base comes from building relationships and trust with the people we work with, so we’ll always be honest in our assessments. While our advice might not always be what you hoped for, we try our best to find solutions where we can, and save unnecessary work and costs for our clients. Ultimately we’ll put forward the best possible case based on our client’s preferred approach, and whatever our initial assessment, do our best to prove ourselves wrong!

It’s also worth pointing out here that all our planning staff are chartered town planners or working towards that accreditation, meaning they conform to a code of conduct and their work and experience has been assessed to ensure it is ethical and meets the standards set by the Royal Town Planning Institute.

Can you guarantee you’ll get me a planning permission?

In short, no, and we wouldn’t recommend you trust anyone who says they can. There are many factors and influences that go into the planning process and weigh into the decisions that are made by planning officers and planning committees.

Nevertheless, we are confident we maximise the chances of success, and have a great deal of experience in choosing approaches and strategies to try and overcome objections and argue against unfair requirements. We are pragmatic though, and if we think your application is unlikely to proceed we will tell you honestly so you can make an informed decision whether to go ahead.

How do you charge?

We issue a Fee Proposal for each piece of work we are asked to provide a quote for, setting out our fees and what work that fee covers, as well how we would approach any work not covered in our Fee Proposal. We are happy to work on an hourly rate based on the time we actually spend, but a lot of our clients like to have a fixed fee to work into their budgets.

Development can be surprising and challenging (as can councils!) and so when we come up against requirements we didn’t expect we let our clients know as soon as possible, talk to them about what has to be done – or if we think we should challenge a request for additional information or work – and provide a Fee Proposal if that work will require input from us that wasn’t accounted for in our original proposal.

Do you work with architects and other specialists?

Globe has good working relationships with many architects and professionals like surveyors, flood risk specialists and transport consultants, and we are happy to build and project-manage teams to bring in the technical expertise you need.

Equally, we often work as part of teams ourselves providing specialist planning input to projects led by architectural practices or developers, be that managing an application, appeal or enquiry or providing specific documents such as Supporting Planning Statements, Transport Plans, Health Impact Assessments and Minerals Assessments.

How do I know I’ll get a reputable service?

Globe and its staff have wealth of experience and technical expertise, and we draw on that experience to select the best people for each job we do. The company is well established, being formed in 2006 and run directors who have worked together for nearly a decade. We are chartered, insured professionals and run the business to ISO 9001 standard so clients can have confidence we know how to deliver work reliably and responsively. You can read more about the company, staff and experience in the about and team sections of our site, and also read our testimonials page and client list.