Pine Club Golf

Yarborough Terrace, Lincoln

  • Client:
    Consortium of local land owners
  • Local Authority:
    City of Lincoln Council
  • Services:
    Planning Application

The Brief

Globe was appointed to prepare comprehensive development proposals for a site which had been assembled by a consortium of land owners coming together in an attempt to maximise the development opportunities open to them. The ultimate objective was to obtain full planning permission for a well designed, quality residential scheme so our clients could then place the site on the market with the benefit of detailed permission being in place.

Our Role

Our role initially was to assess the development opportunities open to our clients and advise on the most appropriate form of development taking into account the challenging relationships with neighbouring properties, townscape issues and, crucially, the steep sided topography of the Lincoln Edge. The clients were advised that the key to success of any development proposal was an emphasis on quality and ensuring that local character and distinctiveness were preserved. Development proposals were informed by our appraisal of the constraints and opportunities afforded to the site as well as the City Council’s Townscape Character Assessment document. We developed a scheme which sought to continue the existing rhythm of the Victorian terrace street but one which was also deliberately and unashamedly modern in its own right. Working closely with planning and heritage officers at the local planning authority, we were able to utilise the City Council’s new three-dimensional model of the city and ‘drop’ the scheme into that model so its role within the wider townscape could be understood and assessed accordingly.


This particular scheme was the first to utilise the city’s new three-dimensional model.  Officers, when presenting the scheme to the Council’s Planning Committee, were fully appreciative of the efforts made to assess the impacts on the wider cityscape and hailed Globe’s approach as valuable best practice. Following a site visit, members voted resoundingly in favour of the proposed development and planning permission was issued.

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