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St Georges Hospital, Long Leys Road, Lincoln

  • Client:
    Costain Limited
  • Local Authority:
    City of Lincoln Council
  • Services:
    Planning Advice

The Brief

This work followed the initial phase of work undertaken on behalf of the NHS Partnership Trust to achieve Outline Planning Permission for a replacement mental health facility on the St George’s site. Having successfully gained Outline Planning Permission, and funding through a detailed business case, the work was revisited to input a more rigorous and creative design process which was necessary to deliver the highest possible care for the residents of the facility in a manner that is neighbourly in all respects.

Our Role

Globe’s role was to provide planning advice within the planning and design team so that operational requirements were considered against all influences on the development of the site including the potential impact on the amenities of neighbouring properties, access and transportation issues, landscape and sustainable ‘green’ energy technologies.

Crucial to this role was the support to the client team of estates managers and clinicians to help communicate the facts arising from the development and separating them from the fears that some had expressed from misunderstanding the development, its form and its occupants.


The initial outcome was successfully achieving the required planning permissions that enabled the investment to proceed but the truly beneficial outcome is the superb new facility that is of exceptional quality and a new community facility that everyone can be proud of.

None of us know what is around the corner in life so it’s reassuring to know that such effort is being taken by the NHS to deliver exceptional facilities for those of us who unfortunately need support, and Globe have been pleased to have been part of enabling such a development in our home city.

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