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Sarah Swift Building

  • Client:
    University of Lincoln
  • Local Authority:
    City of Lincoln Council
  • Services:
    Planning Application

The Brief

The proposal was to develop a new facility to accommodate the Schools of Health and Social Care, and Psychology, as well as a Professional Development Centre which provides ongoing training for medical professionals in the county. The site selected was Wigford Yard, which is strategically located between the Brayford Pool area and main campus, and the High Street. This site forms a long standing regeneration objective to deliver effective and enhanced connectivity.

Our Role

Our role here was to support a case for the development, acknowledging numerous sensitivities including known archaeological interest, a locally listed warehouse – which would have to be demolished – and the effective and seamless integration with an adjacent development being undertaken by Network Rail, related to the new footbridge. Earlier proposals had attracted concerns from the adjacent occupiers of flats. The design and use of the new facility would need to positively respond to those concerns to reassure ‘neighbours’ that the investment was mutually beneficial.


Planning permission was granted for this important expansion of the University campus on a strategically important site which will see attractive and safe connections being formed between the Brayford Area and the High Street/Transport Hub.

An external and internal fly-through has been produced by BAM Design, showing visualisations of the finished development.

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