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RDPE Network: Research and Stakeholder Engagement

  • Client:
    Commission for Rural Communities

The Brief

Globe was commissioned by Commission for Rural Communities (CRC) to undertake research across each of the eight (rural) regions of England to explore  the potential form of the RDPE Network.

The research, which responded to the policy requirements of funding the RDPE, had two roles: firstly, to scope the current RDPE policy priorities, programme management and implementation arrangements within eight of the English regions; secondly, to develop the CRCs understanding of stakeholder needs and their expectations of the RDPE Network and their implications for informing the structure and activities of the Network.

Our Role

Globe undertook the work in two phases: Phase 1 – a desk research exercise examining the existing and proposed RDPE management arrangements and how any emerging Network might link with them. This was followed by detailed interviews with delivery agencies, a document review and a network mapping exercise to identify the range of existing rural networks, their main area of interest/focus and the use they were attracting.

Phase 2 – was undertaken as two surveys of stakeholders in England – one by telephone and a second by e-survey. The target samples of these interviews were constructed to give both a regional balance and ensure suitable coverage of differing landscape characteristics. The surveys were supplemented by 3 Focus Groups for stakeholders held in the East Midlands, North East and South West.


The research findings were reported in detail to the CRC and recommendations were made on the network’s structure and functions.

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