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Retrospective Variation of Conditions, The Bell, Coleby

  • Client:
    Private Individual
  • Local Authority:
    North Kesteven District Council
  • Services:
    Application to Vary Conditions of Retrospective Planning Permission

The Brief

The Bell at Coleby is an established and thriving pub restaurant located within the conversation area of the village of Coleby. Retrospective permission was granted by North Kesteven District Council in 2014 following the erection of a cold store, extract ducting and entrance porch, together with permission for new roof alterations to the property and the re-siting of flue and new screening to the cold store. However, the latter elements of this permission were not constructed in accordance with the approved plans and were therefore unauthorised.

Our Role

Having been recommended to the property owner by the architect, who had up until this point dealt with the planning matters relating to this application, Globe was appointed to rectify the situation and ensure that the completed works were fully regularised. Globe reviewed the works which had been undertaken and, following discussions with the property owner, understood why it had been necessary to undertake the works in the way that they were completed.  This included some health and safety requirements relating to maintenance staff working on the extraction equipment.  Globe explained this in pre-application dialogue and formalised the matter through a minor material amendment process.


Globe was able to successfully make the case that the completed works do not and will continue not to harm the character of Coleby Conservation Area, with planning permission being granted by North Kesteven District Council to ensure that the development is fully regularised.

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