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Residential Redevelopment of former Hospital, Norton Lea, Boston

  • Client:
    Lincs Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
  • Local Authority:
    Boston Borough Council
  • Services:
    Planning Application

The Brief

This NHS owned site was redeveloped in the 1980s and comprised functional hospital buildings and associated residential accommodation blocks which once served patients with learning difficulties. However, with the NHS no longer utilising the site, the buildings had fallen into a state of disrepair and have become a hotspot for anti-social behaviour. The site is sustainably located within Boston’s established core and the NHS therefore wished to obtain planning permission for an alternative use prior to disposing of the site and reinvesting the income from the sale in health services.

Our Role

Globe was appointed, via tender, to provide a recommendation as to the most appropriate alternative use for the Site, in advance of leading the work related to the submission of a planning application to the local planning authority for such a use.

Upon recognition of the existing residential development to the north, south and west of the site, coupled with the local planning authority’s desire to see the site brought into efficient use, it was considered that a residential development of up to 60 dwellings would deliver the most appropriate alternative use. Accordingly, Globe appointed the necessary sub-consultants to provide detailed supporting information relating to matters such as archaeology, flood risk and drainage, highways access, wildlife habitats, and ecology, prior to working up the plans for the proposed redevelopment alongside a local architectural consultancy. Globe produced an Integrated Planning Statement which detailed the design process, whilst also demonstrating the application’s compliance with both national and local planning policy, before submitting each of these documents within the comprehensive application package to the local planning authority for its consideration.


Outline planning permission was granted for a residential development of up to 60 dwellings by Boston Borough Council’s Planning Committee.

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