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Occupancy Condition Removal, Black Horse, Ingham

  • Client:
    Private Landowner
  • Local Authority:
    West Lindsey District Council
  • Services:
    Planning Application

The Brief

The Black Horse, located in the centre of the Lincolnshire village of Ingham, is a historic coaching inn which operates as a local community pub. As is common with many local village pubs in recent decades, the owners have faced challenges in making the business a commercially viable and sustainable operation. Many are being lost and valuable community facilities lost as a result.

In this particular case a manager’s dwelling had been approved and erected to the rear which would support the pub/restaurant at a time when the market was more buoyant and income into the business far stronger. That dwelling was granted on the basis that it should only be occupied by those working in the day to day operation of the pub.

As income fell dramatically and the landlords seeking to make the business a success living above the pub, the house was a costly detraction from sustaining the pub as a business and local community facility.

Our Role

Globe advised a scenario which would reconfigure the immediate environment of the house to provide it with greater amenity and a more independent environment. This included changes to the var parking, boundary treatment and access to reorient ate it away from the car park. The proposals were discussed with planning officers who saw the pragmatic elements of this solution and recognised it to be a sensible way of sustaining the community facility without the burden of the costs associated with a large detached house. By reorienting the relationship, it was possible to have the restrictive occupancy condition lifted so that the pub could operate at a much reduced overhead and an additional family home became immediately available to this sustainable village.


Permission was granted and the condition lifted.

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