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Housing Development at Land off The Hawthorns, Nettleham

  • Client:
    John Dixon Homes
  • Local Authority:
    West Lindsey District Council
  • Services:
    Planning Application, Planning Appeal, Costs Award

The Brief

This Site is allocated by both the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan and the Nettleham Neighbourhood Plan for a development which amounts to an indicative figure of 50 dwellings. The landowners progressed an Outline planning application to gain permission before marketing the site to potential housebuilders.

Our Role

Globe was appointed to act as the planning agent, co-ordinating a broad range of sub-consultants and preparing the accompanying planning statement (which included a design & access statement), before submitting the application to the local planning authority. As part of this process, Globe and the team of sub-consultants formulated a design proposal which demonstrated that a development of 63 dwellings could be comfortably provided on the Site and meet all of the policy criteria set out in the Local Plan and the Neighbourhood Plan.

Globe presented the case for the proposed development at West Lindsey District Council’s Planning Committee, which despite approving the application, imposed a condition which limited the development to some 50 dwellings. Upon review of the Council’s reasoning for including such a condition, Globe submitted an appeal contesting this restriction on the grounds that it was unwarranted and inconsistent with planning policy and was unreasonable. As there was no attempt to justify the restriction Globe also sought an award for costs against the local planning authority due to its unreasonable behaviour in imposing the condition, and the subsequent unnecessary expense this caused the applicant in appealing the inclusion of the condition.


Outline permission granted, with the condition which limited the size of the development to 50 dwellings successfully deleted enabling a development of up to 63 homes on the Site. Globe was also successful in gaining an award of full appeal costs against West Lindsey District Council, following their unreasonable restriction of the development to 50 dwellings.

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