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Development of a National Forum for Arts and Health

  • Client:
    London Arts in Health Forum and the Regional Partners Group

The Brief

To work throughout England responding to the commitment and intent of the regional partners working to champion the development of a National Forum for Arts and Health.

Phase 1 involved research and consultation across England to test the feasibility of a National Forum recognising the differing degrees in momentum, provision and direction in the arts and heath sector across the country.

Phase 2 established a timeline and key objectives for the Forum, and explored the governance and management of a Forum, supported by an assessment of funding and a business plan.

Our Role

We worked closely with the Regional Partners, facilitating discussion around the issue through group meetings and a project steering group structure, while researching and scoping existing and planned activity across England. In depth interviews and focus groups with Regional Partners, key stakeholders, funders and specialist organisations in the arts and health sector, helped to determine demand and inform priorities.

We facilitated a robust consideration of the emerging concepts and delivery models by the Regional Partners, including detailed presentation of our interim proposals and a final consultation period before delivering a final report and recommendations informed by a suggested timeline and key objectives along with an exploration of resourcing options for the Forum.

Globe delivered this project in partnership with Culture Partners


All Globe’s recommendations, positive and negative, were accepted unanimously by the Regional Partners and the final report was widely circulated in the sector.

The embryo National Alliance for Arts Health and Wellbeing was formed.

The regional partners have continued to work together throughout 2012 to create a Charter for Arts and Health.

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