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CPD Strategy Research

  • Client:
    University of Leeds

The Brief

Working as a sub-contractor to the not-for-profit company Culture Partners, Globe director Russell Wallis accepted a brief to undertake the supply side research required to support this commission and then to work on the delivery and governance models that might be suitable for delivery of CPD without compromising the wider objectives of the Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Performing and Visual Arts and Culture, within the context of University of Leeds and the Russell Group.

Our Role

Working as a fully integrated member of the Culture Partners team allowed us to observe and comment on all aspects of the research as it progressed as well as delivering our specific contributions. This was essential in order to understand the complexity of the University structure, its Faculty priorities and the interactive and competing interests of its senior academics. It allowed us to play a full part in discussion with the University’s project management team and helped Globe to shape proposals and recommendations that were challenging but realistic. We were also able to identify a number of existing opportunities and resources within the University that were being overlooked as they had their focus in other Schools within the University.


All of the research material along with analysis, proposals and recommendations prepared by Globe was included within the Culture Partners report and Russell was able to contribute to a number of other areas of the research work.

Culture Partners final report was presented to and accepted by the University’s Senior Management Team in February 2013. The Hub is now in the process of implementing the recommendations and we were delighted to be asked by the Hub manager if we could provide some additional contact information to assist in setting up an unexpected opportunity to pilot a CPD opportunity related to Arts Funding. We wish the Creative and Cultural Industries Exchange Sector Hub every success with their CPD offer and congratulate Culture Partners on an excellent research project.

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