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Agricultural Dwelling

  • Client:
    J T Ventures
  • Local Authority:
    West Lindsey District Council

The Brief

The clients required a permanent dwelling containing an office and workspace on their farm to allow them to provide a high standard of care to their livestock. Globe were asked to assist in gaining permission for an agricultural worker’s dwelling within sight and sound of the growing herd at Stainton Farm.

Our Role

Working alongside the scheme’s designers, Globe worked to provide a robust and well-designed scheme which provided clear sight lines towards the livestock and easy access to ensure the herd could be easily cared for during times of need. Globe provided an Integrated Planning Statement which set about demonstrating the essential need for a new dwelling in the countryside as required by Paragraph 55 of the National Planning Policy Framework.


Planning permission for an agricultural dwelling was granted by the local planning authority. The dwelling will provide a presence on site to ensure that any animal welfare issues can be quickly addressed as well as providing a sound base for the continued expansion of this rural enterprise.

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