Parklands, Sudbrooke

The Parklands is an exciting residential opportunity which will deliver a quality new addition to the village of Sudbrooke. Following an 18 month design period, which has been informed by discussions with West Lindsey District Council, Sudbrooke Parish Council and, crucially, the local community, an application has been submitted seeking initial consent for the development of this site. This application comprises the following elements:

  • Outline planning application with means of access to be considered for erection of up to 140 dwellings; Erection of a new building which takes reference from the former Sudbrooke Holme to provide up to 25 apartments for retirement living; erection of a new building to provide restaurant / public house; extension and widening of West Drive and Holme Drive to serve the development; associated hard and soft landscaping; and, demolition of existing poultry sheds.
  • Change of use of land to provide a new area of open space including provision of new footpaths and sustainable drainage infrastructure.
  • Change of use of land to provide new community allotment facilities.  

The Government has confirmed its absolute commitment to securing a step-change in the amount of new housing sites being delivered. The high profile publication – Laying the Foundations: A Housing Strategy for England – by the previous Coalition Government in 2011 has underpinned much of the policy guidance and objectives set out in the National Planning Policy Framework. In the Foreword to ‘Laying the Foundations’ the Prime Minister acknowledged the long-term failure of recent Governments to build enough housing to meet growing need:

“One of the most important things each generation can do for the next is to build high quality homes that will stand the test of time. But for decades in Britain we have under-built. By the time we came to office, house building rates had reached lows not seen in peace-time since the 1920s. The economic and social consequences of this failure have affected millions: costing jobs; forcing growing families to live in cramped conditions; leaving young people without much hope that they will ever own a home of their own”. 

Local planning authorities are expected to provide an absolute minimum of five years’ worth of housing against their housing requirements with an additional buffer to ensure choice and competition in the market for land. West Lindsey District Council are unable to identify a five-year supply of land for housing. Indeed, there is a chronic shortage of housing land across Central Lincolnshire. In these circumstances, the Government advises applications for housing should be approved unless any adverse impacts of doing so would significantly and demonstrably outweigh the benefits.

The scheme, as proposed, has evolved through an iterative design process which has been informed by discussions with the local community and the Parish Council. This process and the feedback received led to initial design conclusions being re-appraised and the scheme being revised accordingly. The feedback from the community consultation event has been invaluable in reconsidering the early design conclusions leading to changes in the development form, as well as the introduction of a number of elements which offer direct benefits to the local community.

The development proposes the erection of up to 140 dwellings and will comprise a mix of dwelling types and sizes including an element of affordable housing as required by the West Lindsey Local Plan. It is anticipated that the development will be linked to an appropriately worded legal agreement (Section 106 agreement) which would set out a number of eligibility criteria to ensure that preference is given to local residents or those with a connection to Sudbrooke (including those born in the village). This mechanism would ensure that local people who have a genuine need for affordable housing would no longer have to consider leaving the village they consider to be ‘home’ due to escalating house prices within the area.

It is proposed that the vacant site of Sudbrooke Holme will be sensitively rebuilt, from historic photos and other data on its original footprint, to provide retirement homes aimed at those aged 55 and over. The existing entrance gate and garden wall with grand steps around the old house will be repaired or replaced, reinstating a historical element of the village. It is envisaged the grounds will be landscaped and restored where appropriate to form a community orchard and gardens.

The scheme also provides a range of additional community benefits including significant investment in Sudbrooke Woods to include the resurfacing of existing footpaths and creation of new footpath links to be enjoyed by the wider community. Following discussions with the local community, additional provision has been made for an area of land to be set aside for community allotments. It is anticipated, subject to ongoing discussions, that these areas would be gifted to the Parish Council and/or an appropriate body such as the Woodland Trust. The scheme would also provide a new series of footpaths within an area known as the 10 acre covert. There is no public access within this area currently and the scheme proposes a network of sensitively designed footpaths for additional leisure and walking opportunities.

The scheme also provides opportunity for a ground-breaking new outdoor gym – providing professionally designed and developed fitness equipment which would be permanently installed outdoors. Such equipment is safe to use with the resistance being provided by the user’s own body weight and, crucially, the equipment is free to use for the whole community.

Outline permission is also sought for a new public house/restaurant facility. It is envisaged that this facility would be informed by the traditional ‘rural pub’, offering a predominately food based offer set within a homely internal environment.

The evolution and growth of Sudbrooke Park has resulted in a number of dwellings being built close to several established intensive livestock units. It is acknowledged that such a mix is not ideal due to the potential for unpleasant odours and vehicle movements at unsociable hours disturbing residents. The Government now suggests a 400m buffer between intensive livestock units and residential properties as an appropriate standard in safeguarding amenity.

Through the development of this site there is an opportunity to rationalise this relationship, demolishing the poultry units and improving living conditions for local residents. It is considered that the scheme presents an opportunity to reduce heavy goods vehicle movements through the main village by removing farm traffic from the local road network. The scheme will facilitate the removal of these problematic uses from the village and the associated amenity problems and conflicts between the intensive livestock activity and residential use.

You can view and download the Planning Application documents below. This includes a full suite of technical documents which includes information on traffic movements, ecology, food risk & drainage, and trees.

If you are reading this as a Sudbrooke resident, you will have received an information pack through your door on 3rd August. In order for us to have a clearer indication of the level of support for the proposed scheme, we would be grateful if you would return the postcard enclosed, indicating your view. This is entirely anonymous and simply aims to provide us with a more reliable idea of local opinion. We have also agreed to share this information with the Parish Council prior to their meeting on 3rd September in order to guide their own response on the application in due course. Accordingly we would be grateful if you could return your postcard to us before Friday 28th August. Postage has been pre-paid so there is no need to affix a stamp.

This page has been created to allow anyone interested in the development at the Parklands one easily accessible point to access the submission and its supporting documents. Should you wish to formally comment on the scheme, you can do so to the local planning authority – West Lindsey District Council.